Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wonderful Volunteers!

Everything is moving along wonderfully at the school! Children are busy and loving learning, parents are becoming increasingly involved, and many exciting projects are developing.
This week I'd like to take a moment and reflect on the wonderful volunteers who have so generously shared their time enriching the lives of our students!

This past week Maggie Broadwater worked at the school each day. With her BS in Biochemistry and MS in Biomedical sciences Maggies was the first female scientist our students have ever met. Maggie served as a positive female role model and as an example of the life possibilities that come with an education. She spent the week teaching even our littlest students about the scientific method. The students loved her hands on examples and learned a lot. This week all of our girls say that they want to be scientists when they grow up!

On Wednesday Matt Podolin and Kate O'Reilley-Jones arrived in Kenya. These two '09 Wesleyan graduates will be helping at the school until March, filling in wherever needed and taking on projects of their own to expand the effectiveness of the school and its associated community programs. Sammy McGowan, a student at Brown University, has been working hard this entire semester. He is researching health issues in Kibera so that when our health center opens it will effectively cater to the needs of the community. Rebecca Green, a student at Hamilton College is working to start an after school program for our kindergarten and fist grade students. She will work with youth in the community who will run the program, focusing on the arts, reading, and math.

Through our talented volunteers our students hear and practice English, receive additional individualized attention, and get exposed to new skills and resources!

Below: Sammy McGowan and teacher Madahana Mable.

below: Maggie Broadwater

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