Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bio-Center Making Rapid Progress!

Recognizing the need for adequate sanitation facilities for the school and community at large, the Kibera School has started building a bio-center.* This facility will house two showers and four sanitary toilets, two for the school and two for the community. The waste collected will produce methane gas, which the school will use to cook the girls’ lunch each day.

After a difficult month of excavation, construction finally began. Digging more then a few feet down in Kibera requires breaking though huge rocks, so the team had to work tirelessly to create a ten-foot deep hole. Last week we started building the first part of the structure—the underground dome that will collect the waste. We are a few days away from finishing the dome, and then it’s on to building the outside walls. All of the stone for the walls came from the excavation process, reducing the environmental impact of the project. A local engineering group in Kibera is providing technical assistance, and one of the parents is helping to build the dome. Our team is working hard, and now that the excavation is over, the building is going up rapidly, and should open at the end of January!! This will provide the people of Kibera with never-before sanitary toilets and hand washing stations!

* The government provides no waste disposal infrastructure in Kibera, and informal latrines are scarce, with one for every 50 to 100 residents.

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