Wednesday, June 30, 2010

American Friends of Kenya Comes to Visit

We’ve had a busy last few days! We had a visit from American Friends of Kenya, who donated a huge number of boxes with supplies for the school and clinic. Thanks to the AFK book donations and library science expertise, we will soon have a completely digital library! We are in the process of collating the books, and, using new bar codes, we will be able to check out books to the community!

AFK also held a day-long clinic, where they provided physical exams for the girls at the school as well as for a number of community members. There were specific consultations as well, including a visit by an optometrist. An expert midwife, Rochelle, held a workshop on maternal and infant health for a new team of community health workers, beginning the training for the upcoming health care team at our own clinic!

While the girls were in school, we spent all day Tuesday reorganizing the office, so we now have a real space where we can work. Now we can now find what we’re looking for!

The girls are working harder than ever, impressing everyone each day. They are always busy, and just chose their independent research topics. We're in the process of arranging field trips that pertain to each child's topic. We also hope to take a group trip to the post office!

The older girls are singing everything from “Going on a Lion Hunt” to “Peel Bananas” in their after-school program, and are enthusiastically dancing along. We’re all excited to see what they’ll get up to next!

That’s all for now, but tomorrow is sure to be another busy day!
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