Wednesday, September 1, 2010

KSG went on a field trip to see animals this week!!

The Kibera School for Girls went on an amazing field trip Tuesday to see animals in four different locations! The trip was sponsored by the Giraffe Centre and our Programs Director Ari Tolman's family in honor of Ari's birthday (also Tuesday).

The trip started with the arrival of the huge Giraffe Centre bus to Kibera. With everyone watching, our adorable girls excitedly filed onto the bus in their beautiful uniforms. Many of them had never been on a bus before, and were more excited about the bus ride than the animals! So sweet. We did have several cases of carsickness, but that was to be expected...

Our first stop was the Giraffe Centre, where each girl got to feed the giraffes and even kiss them if they were brave enough! Then they attentively watched a video about wild animals in Africa.

Next we boarded the bus again to visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage, where the girls got to watch young elephants drinking milk from giant-sized baby bottles!

After that, we boarded the bus again to head over to Momba Village for a yummy lunch and to see crocodiles. One hilarious moment was when the tour guide jokingly pretended to throw a baby crocodile into the huddled group of girls. The girls quickly ran away in a panic with a chorus of high-pitched screams until they were convinced that he was only joking.

While there, our girls noticed their moon-bounce castle from far away and started jumping in place on the grass to show how much they wanted a turn in it.
After seeing the crocodiles, we couldn't resist giving them a surprise treat of jumping in the moon-bounce castle -- they had a blast!

Our last stop was the animal orphanage within Nairobi National Park, where our students got to see lions, leopards, cheetahs, ostriches, baboons, and more! We then returned to Kibera feeling tired and happy. It was truly a special day.

Throughout the trip, we were proud of how well-behaved our girls were -- especially since the Giraffe Centre usually only allows students over the age of 10. And most importantly, the girls were incredibly happy!!


  1. Once again, I am in awe of the changes you are making in the lives of the people of Kibera. A moon Bounce! How much fun was that!!!

    Also, love the new uniforms, are they sewn locally?

  2. Time to think about a book. These lovely students remind me so much of Madeline and her little school mates going to the zoo - "two little girls in two straight lines, the youngest one was Madeline!"