Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our Girls Went Shoe Shopping!

Last Wednesday, our students at the Kibera School for Girls got a very special treat. Not only did they get to go on a field trip to town, but they also got to take home a brand new pair of shoes and three pairs of red socks (to match their pull-overs)!

This special day, sponsored by our generous supporter Eric Weider, put a gigantic smile on each girl's face. They will proudly wear these shoes every single day, and we cannot thank Eric enough for such a thoughtful gift!

Several of our girls had never before seen downtown Nairobi, and none of them had ever owned brand new shoes. An anecdote from the day -- several girls had never looked in a mirror before, so they had a great time checking themselves out and making faces at the Bata store's mirrors!

Who doesn't love shoe shopping?


  1. Absolutely wonderful!! What angels!!

  2. I love these pictures. Good PR for Bada - hit them up, guys!!

  3. Wow, shoes and a mirror. They are learning what women all over the world know to be true - accessories make the outfit! Seriously though, what a wonderful day and beautiful gift for those girls.